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2 Abkürzungen mit SPECI gefunden

Abkürzung Erklärung Kategorie
SPECI SPECIal Forecast (Ausgewählte Sonderwettermeldung für die Luftfahrt) daten
SPECINT SPEC-integer daten

77 Erklärungen mit SPECI gefunden

Abkürzung Erklärung Kategorie
SE SPECIal edition (Spezialausgabe), z.B. KURZWEIL K 1000 SE  
SE SPECIal Edition, Second Edition, Abkürzungen aus EDV und Telekommunikation  
SG SPECIfic gravity, englisch: spezifisches Gewicht Bahn
CLS Certified Lotus SPECIalist , Zertifizierung von Lotus  
DDS Detailed Design SPECIfication Engineering
DSP Domain SPECIfic Part  
EMS Expanded Memory SPECIfication , nach der die Verwendung des Expansionsspeichers erfolgt. Mit dieser Technik werden IBM-kompatible PC-Systeme mit zusätzlichem Speicher ausgerüstet. Der Expansionsspeicher erhöht die maximal nutzbare Speicherkapazität eines  
ESB Environmental SPECImen Bank  
ESS RWE Standard SPECIfication
FDS Functional Design SPECIfication Leittechnik
GSM Groupe Spéciale Mobile , Organisation der CEPT, Standardisierungsgruppe für Mobilfunk  
GSM Groupe Spéciale Mobile (Mobilfunk)  
HSM Hardware SPECIfic Module  
IRS Internal Reference SPECIfication  
MGD MOSFET Gate Driver, an IC used to control MOSFETs, eSPECIally in the "high side" configuration. Computer
POS Purchase Order SPECIfication
PSI Program SPECIfic (or: Service) Information  
SCG SPECIal Consultative Group
SDN SPECIally Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons = Sanktionsliste der amerikanischen Regierung
Abkürzung Erklärung Kategorie
SED SPECIal Engineering Detachment (USA)  
SFX SPECIal effects (Spezialeffekt)  
SIG Software/SPECIal Interest Group  
SIG SPECIal Interest Group  
SIG SPECIal interest group (Gruppe von speziell Interessierten)  
SLS Service Level SPECIfication (Telekommunikation)  
SMG SPECIal Mobile Group (TC im ETSI)  
SOB ESPECIally in American English an offensive word for a person that you think is bad or very unpleasant. Sex
SPR SPECIal Price Request = Sonderpreisanfrage = Anfrage nach einem speziellen Rabatt
SRF SPECIalized Resources Function (Telekommunikation)  
SRP SPECIal(ized) Resource(s) Point (Telekommunikation)  
SRS Safety Requirements SPECIfication
SSG SPECIal Study Group  
Stm SPECIfic Transmission Module  
TSI Technical SPECIfications for Interoperability (Railway Technology)  
TSM Topology SPECIfic Module  
TSO Technical SPECIfications Organizations  
TSR Terminal SPECIfied Routing  
UBR UnSPECIfic (or: UnSPECIfied) Bit Rate (Datennetz)  
URS User Requirements SPECIfication  
Abkürzung Erklärung Kategorie
USI User SPECIfic Interface  
WPS Welding Procedure SPECIfication = Schweißanweisung
XMS Extended Memory SPECIfication , Erweiterungsspeicher  
XMS extended memory SPECIfication (erweiterte Speicherspezifikation)  
XMS Extended Memory SPECIfication, Abkürzungen aus EDV und Telekommunikation  
ASFU Application SPECIfic Full Use Distribution Agreement Leittechnik
CSDP Customer SPECIfic Development Process  
EAPS Article 1 - Aims The aim of the European Association for the Philosophy of Sport (EAPS; hereafter the Association) is to promote and disseminate research and scholarship in the philosophy of sport with respect for and development of different philosophical traditions and for a variety of aspects of movement cultures (competitive sport physical education movement recreation movement art etc.). This includes all activities to stimulate and encourage study research and writing in the philosophy of sport and related fields (to organise and conduct meetings to issue publications to support and co-operate with IAPS BPSA and other national and international associations of similar purpose). In relationship with IAPS the EAPS is a continental association supporting IAPS in its mission and activities. In the relationship with BPSA to avoid troubles of parallel activities and problems of multiplied membership a SPECIal agreement will be reached to co-ordinate activities (eSPECIally annual conferences) and to make published materials (eSPECIally the journal) accessible to EAPS membership. Sport
FDDI FDDI stands for Fiber Distributed Data Interface. The FDDI standard is ANSI X3T9.5 . The FDDI topology is ring with two counter rotating rings for reliability with no hubs. Cable type is fiber-optic. Connectors are SPECIalized. The media access method is token passing. Multiple tokens may be used by the system. The maximum length is 100 kilometers. The maximum number of nodes on the network is 500. Speed is 100 Mbps. FDDI is normally used as a backbone to link other networks. A typical FDDI network can include servers, concentrators, and links to other networks. CDDI is a copper version of FDDI which uses category 5 cable. Obviously the distance is more limited than FDDI. Technik
HMSL hierarchical music SPECIfication language (hierarchische musikspezifische Programmiersprache) Software
PESC Power Electronics SPECIalist Conference  
SMIP SPECIfic Management Information Protocol , Spezifisches Management- Informationsprotokoll  
SMIS SPECIfic Management Information Services , Spezifische Management- Informationsdienste  
SPEC SPECIfication (Spezifikation, Ausstattung)  
spgr SPECIfic gravity, englisch: spezifisches Gewicht Bahn
SVFR SPECIal Visual Flight Rules (Sonder-Sichtflugregeln)  
SWAT SPECIal Weapons And Tactics und ist eine Bezeichnung für taktische Spezialeinheiten innerhalb einer Polizeibehörde Polizei
UEMS Union Européenne des Médicines Spécialistes  
USST Usage SPECIfication and SPECIfication Testing  
WUBR Weight UnSPECIfied Bit Rate  
Abkürzung Erklärung Kategorie
CISPR (International SPECIal Committee on Radio Interference)  
CISPR Comité International SPECIal Pertubations Radioelectrique , Gremium bzw. Organisation  
CISSS Cisco Internet Solutions SPECIalist - Solutions , Zertifizierung von  
CITES Convention of the International Trade in Endangered SPECIes of Fauna and Flora (Internationale Übereinkunft zum Handel mit bedrohten Arten)  
DSSSL Document Style Semantics and SPECIfication Language , ein Standard, mit dem das Layout von SGML-Dokumenten beschrieben wird. Siehe auch: CSS, XML  
LECIS Laboratory Equipment Control Interface SPECIfication  
SPECI SPECIal Forecast (Ausgewählte Sonderwettermeldung für die Luftfahrt)  
SSCOP Service SPECIfic Connection Oriented Protocol (Datennetz)  
DOCSIS Data Over Cable Service Interface SPECIfication (Telekommunikation)  
DOCSIS Data Over Cable System Interface SPECIfication , Spezifikation für Schnittstellen  
UNGASS UNGASS - United Nations General Assembly SPECIal Session on HIV/AIDS Organisation
UNSCOM United Nations SPECIal Commission  
SPECINT SPEC-integer  
V.S.O.P Very SPECIal old pale (Cognac)  
GOSIP U.S. Government Open Systems Interconnection Procurement SPECIfication , Gremium bzw. Organisation  
EURO DOCSIS European Data over Cable Service Interface SPECIfication